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Omicron Eclipse

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PostSubject: Test   Fri Jun 03, 2016 9:28 pm

Welcome to the Eclipse Corp....

As our founder of this Corporation has come to create and try his hardest to have mankind grow and become stronger to avoid falling into the darkness of the weak and scared. We here at the Eclipse Corp go by our motto, "We Help to Grow, We Help to Build, We Gain Strength." As the founder said, "Do not let the words sound harsh upon others. You must learn these words and pass them on to understand the true nature of what they means."

We Help to Grow -
As in numbers increase we help others to understand the daily things that go on in life and continue to improve and help them improve on personal levels so they do not fall behind.

We Help to Build -
As in numbers increase we help to build a faction that not only helps but build of valor to improve one's inner mind and body. To never give up and continue pushing in life.

We Gain Strength -
As in numbers increase we gain the strength to finally learn from growing and building to help others improve in these areas as well. To give them the Strength to push on with us.

Here at Eclipse Corp, we ask that you respect others as you wish to be respected. As well as do not allow your rank to get the best of you as you'll understand. That their will be times will rank will not matter in cases of helping one another. Please be sure to follow these guidelines. So together we grow and build to gain strength.

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